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The Best Blue and Green Paint Colors

This is a simple, straightforward blog post, but one that I think many of you will find useful. Paint colors are definitely one of the areas that clients often feel really uncertain about. And to be honest, I did, too, years ago.

Paint can change SO MUCH in a space. It can look gorgeous on a paint swatch but come out bland or too bright and primary on a wall. And then you’re just annoyed.

So first off, let’s reiterate – sample, sample, sample!! No matter how much you love a paint color on a swatch or in a picture online, sample it in your space at all times of day. I promise, this little step will save you so much heartache.

So, let’s get to it – these are my favorite go-to paint colors for non-white/gray.

Retreat (Sherwin Williams)

Just like its name, this is really calming green. If you want color but not in your face, and if you like green, but not greeeeen green, this might be the color for you. It works beautifully on cabinetry as you can see on the island below in our Bankside Project!

Millstone Gray (Benjamin Moore)

This is a color I only recently discovered for a client’s built-in bookshelves. She wanted something gray-ish green, but not too green, and bold, but not primary-esque. This color turned out BEAUTIFULLY and really lent well to the modern, traditional vibe she’s going for.

Slate Tile (Sherwin Williams)

This is a gorgeous smoky blue. I’ve recommended this color time and time again, but don’t have any pictures to show yet. But here’s a great example of this color by Allison Campbell Design.

Gray’s Harbor (Sherwin Williams)

Whereas Slate Tile is a smoky blue, I’d call this a blueish gray. It definitely leans more gray than the Slate Tile but is certainly blue in undertones. I love this as an accent-wall color, but it also works well for cabinetry. Below you can see it on a bedroom accent wall in our Meadowhollow Project.

All of these colors are beautifully muted and feel organic and neutral while still lending color and interest to a space. I'd love to see if any of you decide to use these colors in your home!

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