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Everything you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom with ease and confidence. A kit that helps you get that designer space for a fraction of the cost. 

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Your Designful Collections Kit Comes With...

BONUS! Every Designful Collections kit comes with our exclusive Renovation Reference Guide, a 25+ page document full of all our knowledge and experience gained over the years - cabinetry tips, measurement guidelines, paint guidance, product sources, tips and tricks, and more!

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Are you creating a design specifically for my bathroom or kitchen?

No. But these are one-of-a-kind designs created by Oak Story Design for the person who wants a beautiful space but, for whatever reason, can't hire a designer right now. Multiple people can buy the same design, but we assure you no two spaces will turn out exactly the same since every home has unique characteristics and every homeowner has a unique perspective. Our hope is that these "off the shelf" designs make having a great space easier and more accessible for more people.

What if I don't like one part of the design?

Change it! These kits are incredible as-is, but they are also a great foundation that you can build off of. Some of the designs have a few choices you can decide between (wood flooring or tile, for example), but mostly they're set with what we know will give you a great space! But if you're still not feeling it, you can change as many elements as you want and feel comfortable with, but that will be up to you to decide and implement the changes. We can keep the price lower by not customizing each design per purchase.

Are there different price points I can choose from for different products?

Not at this time, but know that our goal with these kits is to make design more accessible, so we don't want to be in the business of suggesting over-the-top priced products for these kits. We've carefully chosen reasonably priced, but quality products for each design. On occasion, we may suggest a tiny splurge (but still reasonable overall!) for something that is a small piece of the overall design because we know it will elevate the space and be well worth it! 

Can't I just look at the pictures of the kits and go recreate it?

We guess you could, but we think you'd be missing out on the real value of these kits. For one, we talk to clients all the time that see pictures on Pinterest that they love and want to emulate, but they don't know where to start, where to buy the tile in the picture, or what the paint color is. If that's you, Designful Collections is FOR YOU. It can be really difficult to find products just based on a picture. We promise this will save you so much time and stress. In addition, the Implementation Guide and Renovation Reference Guide answer so many questions that a picture just can't - how wide are those grout lines? What paint sheen do I paint the vanity? How high should I hang the sconces? Do I have enough room for a double vanity? In our experience, clients get overwhelmed with the countless decisions to be made (decision-fatigue, anyone?) and stressed by all the questions that come from their contractor during construction. These kits solve both of those issues.

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