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Puck Light Sconce Hack

Have you heard of the hack where you use a puck light in a wall sconce rather than hard-wiring it? If you haven't, you're in the right place and your world is about to change!

We've all seen those gorgeous rooms with wall sconces (think bedrooms or hallways or reading nooks). My guess is, as much as you liked the look, you figured you could never do it without getting an electrician out, running new wires, and connecting new lights that you'd have to feel pretty committed to. Am I right?

Gold Sconce on Gray Wall

Let me tell you - you can get the look!

Recently, we updated our little loft area at the top of our stairs in the #meadowtrailnewbuild and I knew I wanted sconces incorporated into the gallery wall we put over the couch. But I also knew we were trying to do this room on somewhat of a budget. And that's where this hack comes in! Let's get to it...

Gallery Wall with Sconces on Gray Wall

Puck Light Hack in Wall Sconce

First, find some awesome sconces you love. (Here are the ones we used and they are incredibly gorgeous!) Then - and trust me on this - get rid of all the wires. You can cut the wires off and then pull out whatever is left. You do not need them!

Gold Sconce on Gray Wall

Go ahead and install your sconces to the wall where you want them, following the directions that came with the lights (other than the wiring instructions ;))

Next, you'll want to order some puck lights. We used these and so far are happy with them. They don't give off a TON of light, but they're perfect for reading on the couch and ambiance, which is what I was going for. I'd recommend getting some that come with a remote control so you're not having to push up on the light constantly.

Next, use 2-sided foam tape or something similar to stick the puck light to the inside of the sconce. (The one downside to the sconces we bought is that the light sockets come out from the side, blocking where I would normally attach the puck light. With a little thicker foam tape on three sides, we were able to still attach it to the contours of the dome.)

How to use puck light in sconce

It may be easier to take the light back off the wall to do this, but I think for most lights you can install the puck light while the sconce is still attached to the wall.

Then, voila! You have lights. Sit back, turn your lights on with your remote control, and enjoy your new sconces!

Small media room bonus room with gallery wall

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