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Owner & Lead Designer

Hi! So glad you're here. I'm Stacie, and I'm what I like to call a Renovation Designer. I love coming in to a room and imagining the unseen. Whether that's an entire overhaul or simple cosmetic updates, I'm passionate about creating rooms and homes that are beautiful and functional, and I get really excited when we can do it on a reasonable budget. 

Ten years ago, I never would have imagined this is where I would be in life, and yet, looking back, it totally makes sense. I have fond memories of helping my dad lay tile, update porch railings, and paint rooms. I had an early love of HGTV's Trading Spaces, and all through college I picked apartments based on whether I could paint the walls or not (my roommate and I had a hand-drawn quote wall that we still think back on fondly). 

Over 8 years ago, my husband and I started flipping houses on the side (we both had full-time jobs outside of the design and real estate sectors). Friends and family constantly cheered us on and eventually encouraged me to do this full time, so here I am today. I love what I do and really enjoy seeing clients thrilled with their updated spaces.


I stumbled in to design by first designing my own homes. That means, that before anything else, my designs had to be functional; I was living in the homes I was designing (with my husband and one, then two, then three kids!) and while I wanted the spaces to be beautiful and feel homey, I also needed them to work for our lifestyle. I take that approach in to any design I work on. I believe that in order to enjoy and appreciate the design, the functionality and usability of the space has to be a non-issue—as in, it works so well for your life that you don't really even take notice. That way, the aesthetic of the room can take center stage. 

Once I figure out my client's work flows and habits, my next priority is to hone in on the client's design style. Every one likes different things, and to me, that's what makes designing fun. No project is exactly the same as another. I pride myself in being able to meet the client where they are, style-wise. Not everyone knows exactly what their style is, so I work hard to draw that out in people in order to create the room or home of their dreams. 

If clients are open to it, I really love to add "elements of surprise"—little things that make a room memorable and bring a smile to one's face. I believe that is the key to what I call approachable design that still has a "wow factor". I'm not a fan of rooms that are designed so over-the-top that they become uncomfortable or distracting, but a pop of fun here or a unique element there can make a room stand out from your average renovation job.



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