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Our Favorite Things - September 2022

We haven't shared Our Favorite Things since May - woah! How have you guys survived? ;) Well, we're back and have some great options, from lighting to counter-space-saving racks to some cute, funky planters. There are a few things at every price point and at every refresh/renovation stage. Let's dive in!

First up, these gold sconces are a steal! The color gold is really gorgeous and they're substantial in size to make a big statement. I recently used these in my loft update (reveal coming soon!) behind a sofa and against a dark gray wall (Roycroft Pewter by Sherwin Williams, in case you're wondering) and they're perfect! These would also be beautiful beside a bed.

Gold Sconces

I just really, really love this light - the color, the warmth of the wood accent, the shape. It actually comes in a few colors, and I like them all! I can see two or three of these lights over an island, over a sink, in a corner over a reading chair, or even next to a bed.

Unique Pendant Light

This collection is so fun. If you want a bathroom update without spending money on a renovation, I think pulling in these bright, colorful elements would do the trick! They have so much character and texture, they're sure to delight. (Sadly, most of the products in this selection are out of stock since publishing this but check back because they deserve the wait!)

colorful fun bathroom accessories

Looking for great, affordable planters for your houseplants? Love cool, unexpected design elements? These planters are for you. On a bookshelf, side table, or in your bathroom, these planters are sure to get noticed!

Cool indoor planters. Funky indoor planters

Nine 12" x12" frames for under $100 is hard to beat! These light wood frames hung in a grid would make a gorgeous focal wall in a dining room or living room. You can use the mat to display 8" x 8" photos or display 12" x 12" photos using the entire frame.

Grid Gallery Wall Frames

I love using pivoting mirrors for their character, but even more so, for their functionality. They're great in kids' bathrooms or even in adult bathrooms where couples may have a big height difference since you can tilt them up or down to meet your needs.

Pivoting Mirror

Ok, this is seriously one of those things that I think, "I love this thing" every time I use it! It lays across your sink and then you can dry your dishes on it. When you're not using it, you just roll it up and it stays on the side of your sink. That way, you don't have to have one of those countertop racks taking up space! It is truly so brilliant and practical.

Drying Rack that goes over sink

We hope you love these things, and go check out our other Favorite Things lists if you haven't already!

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