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Our Favorite Things - May 2022

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

You guys loved our Favorite Things in March (and then somehow, April just slipped by), but here we are with our second list of our favorite things!

But first - we've got to say, we're an affiliate for LTK. This means that we can post products we love and when you purchase them, we get a very small commission AT NO COST TO YOU. For real. This helps us make a living :) and helps you get access to designer-curated content! Win-win!

Back to the good stuff! You can tell our minds are on Spring and Summer with this month's picks, from outdoor goodies to organizational supplies to accessories to refresh those rooms!

Heather loves this Rattan Decorative Basket and uses it as a planter. You could also use this as cute storage for umbrellas, sports equipment, shoes, etc.

Heather also suggests the modern, outdoor chair to make your space extra chic. They're wipeable and even have a drainage hole so they don't collect water. They're so popular, we suggest signing up for stock alerts on them because they go in and out of stock frequently. (Click here or on the picture for the chair because Ikea isn't an affiliate of RewardStyle, so can't be included in the gallery at the bottom of this post or on our LTK profile.)

Stacie loves the affordable, self-watering planters from Target. Finding cute but functional and affordable planters can be so hard! And these come in multiple sizes. Snag these while you can!

With all the spring cleaning, organizational bins are KEY in putting it all back together in a way that makes you sigh, "Ahhhh...." These clear bins make sure you have visible access to everything you need!

Stacie just recently did a rug swap in her house, bringing the rug from her bedroom down to her dining room which left her bedroom sad and empty. But she found the most glorious rug to replace it. It is modern and simple and so soft and cozy. And it goes on sale often! (It is also a little whiter than the picture shows online)

And lastly, we think this cute, modern wall sconce would be perfect for a reading nook or as your bedtime reading lamp.

Click on the pictures below or visit our LTK profile to see all the things we've posted.

We'd love to know if there are products you're wondering about or want suggestions for. Let us know in the comments below!

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