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Our Favorite Things - March 2022

As designers, we have our go-to products that we recommend over and over again. But we're constantly on the lookout for new things that make your home both beautiful and functional!

Because of that, Heather and I decided that we wanted to share our favorite things with you on a regular basis. So here's our inaugural "Our Favorite Things" post - Hooray!

We're an affiliate for LTK. This means that we can post products we love and when you purchase them, we get a very small commission AT NO COST TO YOU. For real. This helps us make a living :) and helps you get access to designer-curated content! Win-win!

You can simply click on the pictures below or visit our LTK profile to see all the things we've posted.

We hope you enjoy this new offering. If there are products you're wondering about or want suggestions for, let us know in the comments below. We look forward to helping you make the home of your dreams.

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