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A Crazy Unique Kids Bathroom

I knew from the start that this project was going to be fun. Our client wanted something "different" and the inspiration photos she shared were so fun! But they were also all over the place in terms of style because she liked so many different things. The common denominator? Uniqueness!

Fluted vanity, floating vanity, wall mounted faucets, arched mirrors

So we got to work on figuring out what style we wanted to go for. The vanity area is extra long (107"!) and our client wanted a floating vanity which felt like it would lean a little more modern. To note: this is a feat in and of itself. It required extra bracing in the wall and planning for the vanity construction.

The original design for the shower area was different than the finished product, and this happens a lot in design. Sometimes a client just doesn't like what we come up with, or the cost of implementing it is too high, or products are out of stock (hello, pandemic!) by the time the renovation starts, or things come up during construction that are out of our control, so we have to come up with plan B.

Waterfall tile. ombre tile. unique tile work in shower
Original Shower Room Tile Design

I LOVED this idea. We were going to use Moroccan tiles from Zia Tile to create this ombre/waterfall look. It would have been such a showstopper. But for a variety of reasons, we switched gears and the client actually ended up finding the tile shown from The Tile Shop, so we ended up implementing this using the same diagonal edge across the entirety of the room. While the tile is much more understated (and beautifully so), the uniqueness still comes out in the installation!

Modern bathroom design

Another change in plans was actually a pleasant surprise! During construction, the contractor found that there was some empty space behind the wall near the toilet. With zero storage in the toilet/shower room (separate from the vanity), we knew we should capitalize on this lucky find so we made some built-ins!

built-in shelf in bathroom

The vanity design was born from the original shower design, but I think it all still plays well together. We created this unique tile backsplash to mimic that original waterfall effect; I love how it turned out. And I was pumped when I got the opportunity to recommend a fluted vanity. This is a trend happening right now that I am here for (in the right context!) "Fluted" refers to the rounded wood pieces that make up the face of the vanity. To complete the unique features of the vanity, we created an extra thick countertop look and moved the sink faucets to be wall-mounted.

Fluted vanity and wall mounted faucet

My advice for kids' bathrooms is always this: don't go too childish, otherwise you'll find yourself wanting to redo it in just a few years (time flies, parents). I think this bathroom accomplishes that! It's fun AND grown up and hopefully unique enough that they won't get bored of it any time soon. ;)

Modern kids bathroom

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