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My Faux Shiplap Wall and How I Feel About Decorating the Primary Bedroom

Why does it always seem like the primary bedroom is the last to get done?! As is the case with so much of life, I guess we focus on everyone (and everything) else, that we just leave our own space until the end!

I'm definitely guilty of that, but I wish it weren't the case. Our bedrooms should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, a place to "get away from it all". And maybe if we created that space first, we'd have the energy for all the other projects around the house. So, let's commit to giving our rooms at least a little attention...and intention!

On to the shiplap...a while back, I decided I wanted a dark, moody accent wall in our bedroom. I'm not a "put shiplap everywhere" kind of girl, but I though this might be a good place for it, and I knew the dark blue/gray I had in mind (Gray's Harbor by Sherwin Williams, in case you're wondering) would modernize it a bit. As I went scouring the internet for how-tos on DIY shiplap, I came across Table & Hearth's tutorial and loved the idea of a cheaper/easier version. Emily's way of doing it also helped avoid having to do anything with the base boards or crown molding which was definite plus!

My husband is usually my main man when it comes to projects around the house, but for some reason he wasn't around for this one (I can't remember if I was too eager to start so I just went with it when he wasn't there or if he wasn't down with the I went with it when he wasn't there. ha). My mom and I actually started this project and did 80% of it ourselves before the husband decided he'd step in and "save the day". (There was actually little "saving" needed, other than maybe project fatigue. I was grateful for his help, but seriously, this project was so easy it wasn't necessary, and I'm no DIY queen.)

Emily's tutorial was super helpful and thorough and had everything we needed to make this project a success! Here's a close up of how it turned out.

I wish I had thought to take progress pics, but, here you go - some before/after pics. (And these "before" pics are actually when we bought the house, before we ever renovated or moved in, so there's actually an "in between" phase but I can't find a picture of it :))

We painted the boards after installing them, and I think if I did it again, I'd paint it prior to be sure to get in between all the cracks. That was the hardest part - getting in between the boards to cover the sides of the boards and any wall color that may have been peeking through. We could get some of it with a regular paint brush from the hardware store, but some of it, we literally had to get my kids' art paint brushes (you know, the ones that come with watercolors) and use that which was soooooo tedious.

Overall, though, I love the way it turned out and am super grateful for the Table & Hearth tutorial! For more pictures of this entire renovation, go here!

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