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This album is a bit of a living gallery of my personal home, a custom new build. We designed our house in 2021 from the ground up in a community we love. It was such a fun process to see it take shape, but it continues to evolve the longer we live here. Some of these photos are professionally shot while others we shot ourselves as projects were complete. My goal in designing the house and the spaces within was for it to be comfortable, inviting, unique, and interesting. As a designer, it is hard to design your own space, but I love what we came up with. 

(You can see a lot of the building process using the hashtag #kopsnewbuild on Instagram!)

Modern Farmhouse Exterior with Large Porch
Modern Farmhouse Exterior
Full Kitchen View
Kitchen View from Stairs
Dining Room
Home Office
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
Living Room
Bonus Room
Primary Bathroom Vanity
Kids Bathroom
Little Girls Room
Preteen Room
Faux Plaster Vent Hood
Appliance Wall
Appliance Garage Open
Appliance Garage Closed
Green Cabinets
Oven Range
Corner Cabinet Solution
Baking Pan Drawer
Spice Drawer
Close up of Meadowtrail Kitchen
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