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My clients purchased this house after falling in love with its mid-century modern bones. It had amazing windows, unique architecture, and was just overall a really cool space, but it was dated!! We expanded both the functional kitchen area and the gathering space by blowing out walls and installing this huge island. The porcelain countertops that extend to the backsplash are a beautiful and unique touch and something that I'd never tackled before, but it absolutely paid off. Scroll through for the "Before" pictures to really get a feel for this incredible transformation.


Sometimes clients hire me because they don't want to deal with any of the headache of construction and don't feel like they have an eye for design. But these clients had a pretty clear vision for what they wanted and used what they learned during this project to update the rest of their home themselves. 

Grape Street Kitchen Reno
Grape Street Reno 2
Grape Street Reno 3
Grape Street Reno 4
Grape Street Reno 5
Hilburn BEFORE 3_edited
Hilburn BEFORE 2_edited
Hilburn BEFORE_edited
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